Causes of Fertility Problems and Treatment Options

Undoubtedly, having babies is the most amazing experience in the world, but unfortunately, there some problems may happen with your body for which you cannot produce a baby. That’s the most horrible experience of life; however, medical science is now far advanced than ever. Fertility treatments allow you to have babies when you cannot get pregnant.

Sometimes, new couples get worried after trying about a year; however, it doesn’t mean that she will never get pregnant. While some people consult with a doctor at this point, some others get a child without even getting help.

The Reasons of Fertility Problems:

Most of the times, a fertility problem is caused by a problem with the reproductive system of woman, including fallopian tubes or uterus problems and inability to ovulate. Man’s reproductive system is also a reason (most common cases are low sperm count). Some find uncommon problem, while some cannot find any cause.

A girl should know when she is likely to be fertile by performing home test; however, getting to a doctor is obviously a great decision. A doctor does a physical exam of both partners, they check their lifestyles, they tests hormone level in blood of both. Imbalanced hormone can be a sign of sperm or ovulation problems which can be treated.

The Treatment Options:

When you are running through a fertility problem, you have a number of treatment choices so no worries. You may intend to consider most advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) which is very expensive. But fertility drugs or surgery like treatments can also be considered as they are effective in most of the cases and inexpensive. About 90 percent of couples with such problem were treated successfully with drugs and surgery only.

Fertility treatment can be expensive especially in the US. For example at RMA of New Jersey in the US the rates start at USD10,000 (not including costs for ICSI, Assisted Hatching, or Medications); See In general it is cheaper overseas; for example for USD9,500 Bumrungrad, Thailand includes all Medicines and hormones, OPU expense, and embryo transfer expense; see Some health insurance plans (see can cover these costs and the newer medical tourism insurance plans can cover travel arrangement cancellation costs (see ).

Different types of fertility problems include…..

  • Fertility Drugs: If a fertility problem happens because of imbalance of hormone in your body, these drugs can get your reproductive system back on the track. Sometimes the reason of the problem remains unknown. These drugs may even help in those situations.
  • Artificial Insemination: In case your partner’s sperm need only help to get to your eggs, this option can be used.
  • Surgery: If your fallopian tubes are blocked for any reason or you have genetic defects, a minor surgery can be performed to remove the obstacles for you to conceive. Most of the times, this surgery is unnecessary.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART): If your partner is running with a low sperm problem or you have a problem of blocked fallopian tubes or other treatment options have failed, high-tech treatment procedures such as intracytoplasmic, in vitro fertilization and gamete intrafallopian transfer can be used to make a baby.

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